Monday, July 8, 2013

Mostly Chewin' Bubble Gum. Kickin' Ass On Hold For Now

Hey, sorry for dropping off the radar. I love my job, but sometimes it gets a little clingy. :)

Here are a couple of updates:

* I got my Reaper Bones package a week ago. MAN does that box have a lot figures in it. I sprung for a few extra dragons and such, and they're pretty awesome. Sized nicely for playing with other miniatures. Many (less than 1/3) of the figures are warped from packing, but apparently you can simply boil them and reshape them, so long as you dunk them in icewater to re-set them. Soft plastic techniques are definitely not like metal techniques. I plan to start on easy stuff (assembly, elementals and skeletons) and then maybe tackle some of the dragons. The Griffin is particularly amazing, with exceptionally fine detailing on his feathers.I'm concerned that my meager painting skills will not be able to do him justice.

* I picked up "Psionics Unleashed" for Pathfinder recently during a sale. I have yet to really have time to digest the rules, but from my first go-through it looks very promising. We never used psionics in AD&D because most of the players couldn't wrap their heads around the rules. And also there was a vanishingly small chance of getting them during character generation - we had moved beyond "cheating" by the time we decided to read those parts of the PHB. I never used psi stuff in 3e or 4e, though one player in my group is forever doing crazy psionics stuff (he plays a shard mind), and I'm familiar with the rough concepts, which seem to have not changed drastically in character since 1e. I'll probably have more to say after I get more chance to read. I was gratified to see old standbys like "Tower of Iron Will" and "Id Insinuation" in this book.

* Mekton! The kickstarter was a success, and sometime next year, we should have a new version of Mekton to kick around. It's not really a new "edition" in the classical sense of the word, it's more like the "D&D Essentials" approach - compatible with MektonZ but not as crunch-oriented. The author says Mekton Zero is going to be focused on RP and not wargaming (MZ is as much a mech construction kit and wargame as it is an RPG), but will maintain design and character compatibility with MZ. M0 (what I'm calling Mekton Zero) will focus on setting, lifepath and campaigns. I'm very excited about this new game, and I hope when it arrives, I can convince some people to play it with me. As it is, I've already dug out my old Mekton and Jovian Chronices stuff for daydreaming material.