Saturday, June 15, 2013

Free RPG Day Loot

I went to my FLGS (Dragon's Lair in Austin) today for Free RPG Day. I'm glad I got there early; by noon, they were almost out of their freebies. Here's what I scored, in no particular order:

  • Cosmic Patrol: Quick-Start Rules and The Eiger Agenda
    A cute little 24 page, staple bound book about 4x8 inches.
    This one looks like tremendous pulpy fun.
  • Pathfinder: We Be Goblins, Too!
    A follow-on to the previous goblin-centered adventure, this time your "heroes" (and I use the term very loosely) are trying to impress a new tribe of Goblins by chasing of an ogre and his unsavory companions. Assumes you know how to play Pathfinder.
  • Castles&Crusades: A Pot of Broken Bones (for 3-4 adventurers, 3-8th+ level)
    They're confident enough of their product not to include any rules primer.
    The adventure looks pretty good, and clocks in at around 10 pages of scenario. I'll probably use it for a Pathfinder game.
  • Swords&Wizardry: Hall of Bones
    I was happy to see S&W representing; I think the game is virtually unknown here.
    There are about 6 pages of scenario and maps, and the rest includes a rules overview and a few pages of "Old School Philosophy". So, a very nice introduction to S&W, but definitely an introduction.
  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Better Than Any Man
    This one is even marked "Ages 18+, Explicit Content".
    No rules, but 96 (yes, 96) pages of setting, adventure and some disturbing artwork.
    This one is fascinating but probably has a very limited audience. Set in the 30 Years War during the Swedish Intervention (yeah, sue me, I'm kind of a history dork too), though this is a D&D based fantasy game, the setting is very realistic, except that there is something horrible going on. (I mean, aside from the viscious wars of religion.)
    I'll probably write about this one once I've had the chance to read it.
  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
    Fantasy Flight Games' new SW game, though not with any of the fancy dice.
    40 pages of rules intro, pregenerated characters, and a multi-part scenario. I'm not sure about the game system yet (I've only skimmed it), but the presentation is good.
  • A double-sided book that has Battletech&Shadowrun RPGs in it by Catalyst Games
    Like the SW one, this is well produced, but on initial skim, I'm not excited by the rules of either game (they're different). To be honest, I'm more into Mekton's "Mech RPG" system, though I do rather like BTech's history. (BTech is actually what got me into miniatures so many years ago.)
I'm hoping to play either "We Be Goblins Too" or "Cosmic Patrol" tomorrow with my kids. LoTFP:BTAM (now that's an acronym) is on my short list to read. Pot of Broken Bones will get converted to Pathfinder and inserted into my campaign. The others I'll get to as time allows.