Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Twilight's Peak and Traveller Tuesdays

Well, my Traveller Tuesdays group has failed to precipitate from Jump Space, and must be declared lost.

But I've been able to gin up some support for a different Traveller game, this time based around "Legend of the Sky Raiders". (The last one was a sandbox campaign loosely based on "Twilight's Peak", but running wit Mongoose Traveller rules.)

I'd be going back to Classic Traveller, with which I had some success running "Death Station" a while back.

I'll keep "Rule 68A" as a tool for general task throws, but run everything else "by the book". But I won't forget to use the "draw!" rules this time. The fact that CT has what amounts to a combat's initiative system mentioned as almost an afterthought does make one scratch one's head.