Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A T20 game on the horizon for me?

My at-home RPG group (really just my wife and kids) has expressed an interest in doing a short T20 campaign once we hit a break point in our current Pathfinder campaign. For some reason, I've had very little luck getting any traction at home for either CT or MgT flavors of Traveller, but at least two of the three are actively willing to try out T20. (That's not entirely fair - my wife enjoys the MgT character generation sequence.)

So now, not only do I need to make a few T20 characters (who I will post here, of course) to make sure I understand the chargen procedure, but I also need to pick a campaign setting. My players would rather have a mission than an opportunity, if you know what I mean. So a charted space sandbox (the default Traveller campaign) is probably not the best plan.

At the moment, I have two top contenders:

First up, we have The Kursis Charter from the Linkworlds Cluster campaign setting, released as a freebee when T20 was first published. The players' ship, badly in need of refitting (aren't they always?) is given a charter to do a mail run through the Linkworlds cluster. The usual mail ship has skipped, and mail is starting to pile up. As long as they follow their appointed route and leave enough room for the mail (a few tons per world), they're free to engage in other lucrative opportunities as they present themselves. Along they way, they find a trail of clues to one such opportunity. Needless to say, not everyone on the mail route is going to be cooperative, nor are the clues going to be easy to follow up on.

Second is "Epic Adventure 5, Scout Cruiser", also by QLI for the T20 system. In this one, the players sign on with a scout crew in a rather large Scout Cruiser (1000 tons - 5x the size of the usual tramp merchant ship - and a crew of 21 instead of 3-5.), which is going on a deep-space mission into a stellar rift to discover the fate of another delinquent scout cruiser.

So the Kursis Charter has uplifted bears, strange alien life forms, daring rescues and fetch quests. EA5 has a mystery and hostile forces, along with some grim situations. I think the answer, especially given the group I'm playing with, is clear.

In to the Link Worlds we go.