Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A few more randomly generated Traveller characters

These are Classic Traveller characters. Again, sorry for the inconsistent write-up style. I don't have a good system for doing this yet, so it's more or less catch-as-catch-can.

Army Major Eli Khabr  778B86  Age 30 
Skills: SMG-2, Tactics-2, ATV-1, Rifle-1, Mechanical-1, Blade Cbt-1
Possessions: High Passage, SMG
Finances: 12,000 CrImp

Eli was very bright but poor farmer from a Low Tech Agricultural world who dreamed of finding a way to "the capital" to learn about technology and machinery.  He applied to the Army, as it was known locally that a career in the Army was a good way to learn a lot of good skills.

His first term, his obvious intelligence and enthusiasm gained him a commission and a minor field command, where he learned a lot about fighting.  He also found himself assigned to a mechanized brigade, where he learned basic vehicle maintenance.
[Term 1: Lieutenant, Rifle-1, SMG-1, Blade Cbt-1, Tactics-1, Mechanical-1]

In his second term, he was promoted to captain and put in command of one of his brigade's recon platoons. His officer training gave him additional education in subjects his farm-hand upbringing had neglected as he learned the ins and outs of AFV operation in the field.
[Term 2: Captain, ATV-1, Edu+1]

His third term saw him promoted to Major, where he learned more tactics and, due to some border disputes, gained additional skill with his SMG.
[Term 3: Major, Tactics, Gun Cbt(SMG)]

Eli's superiors were shocked when, at what looked like the height of his career, he decided not to re-enlist. What they did not know is that Eli had been forced to cross a line during his last assignment, and he could no longer serve his government as a soldier in good conscience. Disillusioned and unsure what his future had in store for a man with his talents, Eli took to the stars, hoping to find a new life on any planet but his homeworld.

Army Lieutenant, Merchant 3rd Officer Rezik Farjani A69AB6 Age 26
Skills: SMG-2, Mechanical-2, Rifle-1, Leader-1, Computer-1, Admin-1, Streetwise-1, Vacc Suit-1
Possessions: Gun (SMG)
Finances: 50,000 Cr

Rezik was a strong, clever and well educated kid from a backwater world out on the frontier.  Seeing no future in his local scene, he joined the Army, a move that proved to be very beneficial to him.  His superiors quickly noticed his abilities, granting him both a commission and a promotion in his first term of duty.  While his personal interest was in weapons qualifications, his post taught him much about leadership and computer operations.

However, his brilliant career was cut short after only one term by a classic Army SNAFU, and he wound up joining a Tukera Lines merchant ship's crew as an officer. As a 3rd Officer, Rezik learned much about Admin and Streetwise, as well as how to operate a vacc suit. But the life of a Merchant was not for him, and at the age of 26, he set out into the stars to seek his fortune, where ever that may be.

[Rezig has a Psy potential of 7 at this point, and would probably benefit from seeking some training]