Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seems I'm on an inadvertent RPG break.

My office "Traveller Tuesday" game has had to be preempted so many times I can barely remember what's going on, and my at-home Pathfinder game has been stalled for months. The irony is that in both cases, it's not from lack of interest, but a simple matter of timing.

But it does make me wonder - how long of a gap in the action does it take before people no longer want to carry on with a given adventure?

The Traveller game really only has one more lunch hour in it, possibly two if things get really ugly. The ending of this adventure rewards all surviving party members with a ticket off-world. Depending on if people want to play more Traveller, this will either be a "roll the credits" or the stepping stone to further adventures in the subsector, probably starting with "One Crowded Hour" (lulz), and possibly proceeding to something like the Linkworlds Cluster, or just a series of "one off" adventures, possibly split across two sessions. But I strongly suspect the Tuesday slot will be used for another game. I'm not sure the "old-school charm" of Traveller is sitting well with all of the players. :)

My home Pathfinder game is about to embark on its last mini-campaign (The Conquest of the Blood Sworn Vale) before we shift to another group of characters. "Conquest" should take a few sessions to get through, and the players will wind up 6th or 7th level by the end, which is a good place to halt, setting-wise. Beyond 7th level, the characters are powerful enough that they are "players" in the world, and if they manage to conquer the Vale, they will definitely qualify for that social rank. That's not to say they won't be able to have more adventures of course - in fact, it just opens up adventures in other lands/planes/etc. and against increasingly powerful foes (Giants, Demons, etc.). We'll see how that goes.