Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Traveller Tuesday for 9/25

<Picking up with the party in the Reception area>

While investigating the reception area, a swarm of what appeared to be Gadden’s rat-equivalent creatures swarmed the party. They seemed afraid of the light, but (amazingly) their hunger drove them to attack. A few rounds of shotgun, SMG, Rifle and Pistol fire reduced the swarm to a messy puddle of blood and pseudorat meat. Two characters got bitten (nasty little critters), but the wounds were not serious enough to cause any lasting trouble, and after a quick bit of first-aid, everyone was ready to go. The “rats” looked to be escaped experiment animals (tags, chemical shunts, shaved patches, etc.) but seemed unusually muscular specimins.

The players decided to make their way to the bridge, going past the galley area on the way. The few staterooms they passed seemed mostly unused; one of them was a small meeting room with some notes about the research. A character downloaded the notes to her handcomp for later, just in case.

In the galley (completely dark due to smashed light fixtures), the scout character spotted a figure over by the meat locker using his infra-red goggles. That person ducked into the locker and warned the characters away, mentioning something about “the enemy” and some other nonsensical fear-induced ranting. The ex-army bruiser entered the locker and closed the door behind him, at which point he and the mystery person began to fist fight. The mystery person was fiendishly tough though, and the ex-army guy took a pretty solid blow to the head. Still conscious, he tried to break away from the mystery person, and was aided in his excape by the timely opening of the door by the rest of the party. The mystery person recoiled in fear from the party’s flashlights, and the ex-scout netted him

Now that there is some light on him, the person appears to be a crewmember, though somewhat “hulked out” and very dirty/bloody/smelly. It also appears that he’s been eating some of the other people on the station, and had been using one of their arms as a cudgel.

Tune in next week, when the characters attempt to subdue the crewman and hopefully get some answers.