Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Meanwhile, in Varisia

My home game, involving my wife and kids, feels like it is at an inflection point.

The players have just finished Raging Swan's "Dark Oak", and next session will get their xp/gp totals and head back to Magnimar. I'm planning to run Dawn of the Scarlet Sun for them next, now that they're high enough level to not be completely destroyed by the opponents there. After that short adventure, I'm intending to send them to Osirion (Pathfinder's "Egypt") to do some pyramid dungeon crawling in Entombed with the Pharaohs. (Despite it's title, it's not a rehash of the old Lovecraft tale by the same name.)

The thing is, there's also the pirate-themed Skull and Shackles adventure path, and at least one player is itching to switch to that one.

I still think the "eclectic" campaign we started with has a lot of life in it, but I'm torn between giving them classic dungeon crawls or going for a more story-driven approach. My wife would be just as happy hacking apart hydras for extra cash as she is rescuing kidnapped children from monstrous fates, but I'm not sure what my kids want more. They're young enough that I can't get too sophisticated or dark with the plot without losing them, but classic illogical hack-n-slash dungeons like I played when I was a kid are not only hard to come by for Pathfinder, but seem greatly out of favor "culturally" these days.

In the end, I should probably just ask them - do they prefer having more story or more combat?