Monday, October 22, 2012

And for contrast...

Highlighting Classic Traveller's more spartan style of character (no connections, very little detail generated by the term system...), here's Sword Worlder street thug made good:

Other/Merchant 3rd Officer  Tor Halperin   BA5875, Age 34
Skills: Steward-2, Mechanical-1, Electronic-1, Vacc Suit-1, Blade-1, Brawling-1, Streetwise-1
Equipment: Blade(Cutlass), 20,000 Cr

Tor was a big kid from a rough part of town who found himself serving as a "tough" for a local mob leader.  His generally negative outlook and an unfortunate case of asthma contribute to his diminished endurance, though he has tried to make up for his shortcomings through rigorous weight lifting and training his naturally high dexterity.

When his gang got busted by the local law enforcement, he signed on as muscle for a tramp freighter in the area. The captain quickly saw that Tor was more than he appeared, and promoted him to be the ship's Steward, a job Tor found he was surprisingly good at. As often happens, Tor cross-trained in zero-G operations as well as general repair skills (mechanical and electrical), which came in handy in maintaining the ship's life support and passenger systems.

Now, Tor is an experienced space hand, and while some may be intimidated by his size and unrefined accent, his quick wits and obvious passion for stewardship soon win them over.